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  • Michele Burmaster

    Michele is the owner/operator of Surf City Fit Club, Inc. and is one of the more active trainers on staff. With a background in martial arts, MMA and personal training, she develops and implements each class to fit a wide variety of fitness levels and experience. Due to global demand for the inclusive fitness practices Surf City Fit Club has systemized, she began the Body Positive Fitness Alliance and is working to charter gyms all over the world to help make fitness more accessible and approachable for everyBODY. Michele has the tools it takes to help you realize your goals (even ones you may not have thought you had) and is our qualified staff member in regards to nutrition. When you contact Surf City Fit Club, Michele will be the first person you come into contact with and she will remain your biggest cheerleader as you travel your fitness journey.
  • Hayley Potter

    Hayley is a North Carolina native with a passion for health, fitness, and education. Inspired by the numerous fitness opportunities the state of California has to offer, Hayley has placed more focus on her special interest in the health and fitness over the past few years.

    As a NASM certified personal trainer, Hayley enjoys working with small and large groups, as well as individuals to assist members in reaching their fitness goals. Hayley also works with young athletes in small group settings to sharing her knowledge of jump rope foundations, basic skills, and advanced tricks.

  • Lauren Weiss

    Lauren Weiss is a USAKL Certified Kettlebell Instructor from Long Beach, CA. She specializes in BOLT Kettlebell training and unconventional workouts. Lauren has been training with kettlebells since October 2014 and has found such a passion in both sport and general kettlebell training. She has enjoyed lifting with the Surf City team at many competitions and is thrilled to be coaching them as well.
  • Mary Crawford

    Mary is an HB local, mother of three beautiful daughters, and super awesome wife to Jeff for 25 years. She has learned to find balance in life between family, career, life obligations and taking care of herself. At the heart of this balance is a dedication to maintaining a mind/body connection and listening to the inner voice that informs our passions. She loves the outdoors and is always in pursuit of the next adventure – from an outdoor experience to her next fitness achievement and everything in between. She is currently studying for her Yoga Alliance RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) Certification and is looking forward to sharing this practice with the SCFC family.
  • Janelle Burmaster

    Janelle is the owner/administrator of Surf City Fit Club, Inc. If you ever need assistance with your membership, your Front Desk profile, your billing or have any other questions related to the non fitness side of things at Surf City Fit Club, Janelle is the girl to call, she is just a click or a phone call away. Janelle@surfcityfitclub.com
  • Cynthia Moore

    Bio coming soon
  • Kathy Joyner

    Kathy is the SCFC Run Club Captain! She also apprentices with Michele Burmaster as she prepares for her NASM in personal training.
  • Laura Prescott

    Bio coming soon
  • Renee Anderson

    Bio coming soon
  • Terri States

    Bio coming soon